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It’s time to eat!

Happy and tasty meals for your children!

Your family holiday in Val di Fassa will be super-relaxing because at the Madonnina Hotel we have thought of everything to guarantee that your children have fun and that mum and dad can relax, even at the dinner table! Our “Ciuffo” menu has been created especially for children, with dishes prepared from carefully selected natural ingredients. Our table service is fast and efficient so that your children can get back to playing in the Kids’ Club with their new friends!

Mum and dad can enjoy a quiet, stress-free dinner, knowing that their children are in capable hands! The Kids’ Club staff members are available to look after your children from 16h00 to 22h00, from 14 June to 12 September. 

While it is great to have fun together, it is also important to switch off and relax sometimes. At the Madonnina Hotel you can all eat together, and then you can take your time to finish your dinner, knowing that your children are receiving all the attention that they need and that they are having fun with other children at the Kids’ Club!

Dinner party!!!

Two special evenings for your children: Tuesday and Thursday, exclusive dinner party with the staff of the Kids’ Club! All of the children will have dinner together, strengthening their new friendships and, of course, together they have more fun! Simple, genuine food, perfect for children!  

Guaranteed fun for children: seeing is believing! And all that’s left for you to do is enjoy a fantastic holiday!